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What to write about on your real estate blog

Real estate blogging – what to write about. And tips for how to find topic ideas. Continue reading

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Be Careful With Your Domain Name

People obsess over domain names. Here are some things NOT to do when choosing a domain name, and some tips for choosing a good one… Continue reading

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Blog Commenting for SEO: What not to do

This… crap… seems to come in waves. What crap is that? Paid blog comments spam. Comment spam is a real drag. Yes, there are plugins and spam filters and what not you can use to help stem the tide, but … Continue reading

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What is Your Goal?

One fundamental thing that is missing for many real estate bloggers is having a defined goal for their blog. Believe me, I talk to a lot of bloggers. When I ask them, “What is your goal for the blog?” I … Continue reading

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This is often a subject of confusion… What is the difference between a “” site and a “” site? In a nutshell, if you host a blog at, you do have a “WordPress blog”. But you will be greatly … Continue reading

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