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How to determine what theme a WordPress blog is using

I hang out in various and sundry Facebook groups, forums, etc. where blogging is often a topic of discussion. Without fail, there are many folks in said groups that will ask, “What theme is such-and-such site using?” Here are a … Continue reading

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Who Should I Host My Blog With?

I get this question a LOT – Who should I host my blog with? The problem with WordPress hosting (or hosting in general) may be there are just too many options to chose from. Sometimes I wish there were just … Continue reading

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On Blogging Real Estate Listings

Want to start an argument amongst real estate bloggers? Ask this question: Should you blog your real estate listings? Short of whether or not to “force” home search registration, nothing seems to polarize real estate bloggers more than the “to … Continue reading

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What WordPress Theme Should I Use?

There’s a great Facebook group out there that I belong to, Tech Support for Real Estate Agents (if you want an invite, just leave a comment. I *think* we have to be Facebook friends for me to invite you. If … Continue reading

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How to Use Farming 101 to Get Blog Traffic

You heard you need a blog. You heard it’s the magical marketing wave of the future. You won’t be successful unless you write on the internet. Everyone says it; it must be true. So you went and got one. Now … Continue reading

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Three things not to do on your real estate blog / web site

Three things not to do on your real estate blog / web site. Continue reading

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Getting Comments on your Blog. Or not.

Read enough about blogging, and you’ll see posts, comments and questions that typically sound like this: “How can I get more comments on my blog?” “My blog must suck, no one ever leaves comments.” “So-and-so must be a better blogger … Continue reading

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What is the right keyword density for my real estate blog posts?

Have a real estate blog? Wondering what the correct “keyword density” is to use for optimal search engine rankings? This article may help solve the mystery… Continue reading

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The Two Best Tools for Blogging

Want to know the two best tools for a blogger? Here’s your answer… Continue reading

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Why Jay needs an iPad from

Seems is having a little contest to celebrate their first birthday… Yup, they are giving away two iPads, and some other very cool prizes. And I *need* an iPad. Not want, need… Why does Jay need to win an … Continue reading

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