What to write about on your real estate blog

Typewriter Keys One question I get consistently any time I talk to people about real estate blogging is, “What do you write about and where do you find the time?”

And a darn fine question it is. Actually, it’s two questions. We’ll attempt to tackle the first one now, and the second one in a follow up article.

What to write about

Here is where I differ somewhat from many “blogging experts”. Personally, I don’t think a real estate blog needs to be exclusively about real estate. You don’t need to go all “hyper local” to have a successful real estate blog.

“Blasphemy!” someone is saying.

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Be Careful With Your Domain Name

People tend to obsess over domain names (also called URLs — Uniform Resource Locator).

While it’s nice to have key words in your URL, it is clearly not a requirement in order to get good search engine rankings.

For those non-believers in that statement (and I know you are out there) I point you to the following URLs:

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Blog Commenting for SEO: What not to do

This… crap… seems to come in waves.

What crap is that?

Paid blog comments spam.

Comment spam is a real drag. Yes, there are plugins and spam filters and what not you can use to help stem the tide, but invariably some of it leaks through.

Here’s one that landed on Phoenix Real Estate Guy today:

How do we know this is a paid comment?

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What is Your Goal?

One fundamental thing that is missing for many real estate bloggers is having a defined goal for their blog.

Believe me, I talk to a lot of bloggers. When I ask them, “What is your goal for the blog?” I am often met with a blank stare, a puzzled expression, a shameful nod of the head.

Sometimes I will hear, “I want more business”, or “Duh, commission checks”. While those are lofty goals, the problem is they aren’t good goals.

Your goals need to be SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

This is often a subject of confusion…

What is the difference between a “WordPress.com” site and a “WordPress.org” site?

In a nutshell, if you host a blog at WordPress.com, you do have a “WordPress blog”. But you will be greatly limited in the types of themes (a blog’s look and feel) and plugins (little programs that add functionality) that you can use.

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