How to determine what theme a WordPress blog is using

I hang out in various and sundry Facebook groups, forums, etc. where blogging is often a topic of discussion. Without fail, there are many folks in said groups that will ask, “What theme is such-and-such site using?”

Here are a couple of tips for determining what WordPress theme a site is using. They aren’t foolproof, but they will help you determine the theme in roughly 94.26% of cases (yeah, I made that stat up. I don’t know the exact number. It’s the vast majority though…)

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Who Should I Host My Blog With?

real-estate-blog-hostingI get this question a LOT – Who should I host my blog with?

The problem with WordPress hosting (or hosting in general) may be there are just too many options to chose from. Sometimes I wish there were just two to three web hosting companies, not 500 million. OK, there probably aren’t 500 million web hosts out there. But there are MANY and as with any service, there are great hosts and lousy hosts.

First let’s look at types of hosting.

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On Blogging Real Estate Listings

2557 AnaneaWant to start an argument amongst real estate bloggers?

Ask this question: Should you blog your real estate listings?

Short of whether or not to “force” home search registration, nothing seems to polarize real estate bloggers more than the “to blog or not to blog listings” question.

Here’s the deal…

I can’t tell you if it’s right or wrong to blog about listings. For you see, there are no absolutes when it comes to real estate blogging. (Well, you absolutely need the ability to search for homes on your blog. But that’s about the only hard and fast “rule” in real estate blogging. And of course, even that is just my opinion. But if you want to generate prospects via your blog, you need a home search solution.)

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What WordPress Theme Should I Use?

Themes-dashboard-snipThere’s a great Facebook group out there that I belong to, Tech Support for Real Estate Agents (if you want an invite, just leave a comment. I *think* we have to be Facebook friends for me to invite you. If we’re not, hit me up on FB with a friend request). In said group, the topic of WordPress themes comes up. Often.

Here’s the short answer to the question, “What WordPress theme should I use?”. . .

It depends.

Isn’t that helpful?

It does depend. It depends on what your goal is for your real estate blog, it depends on your experience level with WordPress, it depends on how much money you have to spend, it depends on your personal taste – it depends on many things.

So I can’t tell you what is the “best” theme you should use. Best means different things to different people and everyone is in a different situation. Me telling you which theme to use is akin to me telling you what kind of car to drive…

Here is what I can tell you about WordPress themes for real estate blogs

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How to Use Farming 101 to Get Blog Traffic

You heard you need a blog. You heard it’s the magical marketing wave of the future. You won’t be successful unless you write on the internet. Everyone says it; it must be true. So you went and got one. Now you’ve got a blog.

You’ve written 5 posts in three months. You looked at your Google Analytics and if you’re reading it right you average 3 viewers per day; although one time you had 16 viewers in one day. But it’s possible you’re reading it wrong; you’re not really sure.

You don’t get it. Everyone has been telling you, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ So where are the dang baseball players? You mowed down this whole cornfield and built this stadium and where the heck is everyone???

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Three things not to do on your real estate blog / web site

ErrorI stumbled across a local real estate broker’s web site today. It took about 30 seconds to notice three fundamental issues with the site.

And before anyone gets twisted out of shape and thinks I’m just dissing someone’s site, keep this in mind…

One can learn by watching the good things other people do. But you can also learn by observing what not to do.

This particular site is not alone, there are countless examples just like it scattered all across the Internet. LOTS of real estate practitioners have web sites. There are many brilliant sites out there, and many that are not-so-swift. Be brilliant.

What were the three glaring errors I saw?

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Getting Comments on your Blog. Or not.

WritingRead enough about blogging, and you’ll see posts, comments and questions that typically sound like this:

“How can I get more comments on my blog?”

“My blog must suck, no one ever leaves comments.”

“So-and-so must be a better blogger than I am. He/she always get a ton of comments.”

And so on and so forth.

Just today yesterday on Active Rain (a large real estate network) there was a “featured post” titled, 10 ways to get more comments on your blog post.

It’s a good article, and I can’t really disagree with anything the author wrote.

But here’s the deal….

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What is the right keyword density for my real estate blog posts?

real-estate-blog-post-on-keyword-density Take a look around real estate blogs and you’ll see nuggets of wisdom posted that look similar to this:

The Phoenix real estate market is a mess! If you want to buy a home in Phoenix, then you should consult with a Phoenix realtor who knows and understands the Phoenix real estate market. Never buy a Phoenix home without utilizing a Phoenix realtor! Feel free to search for Phoenix homes on our Phoenix real estate blog, but be sure to call your Phoenix realtor before you go too far!

Yeah, they’ll even bold all those keywords because some “SEO guru” told them that helps Google understand that those words are important. If they’ve really been paying attention, they will even use <h2> or <h3> tags, like this:
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The Two Best Tools for Blogging

Keyboard Yeah, I know. At the end of my last post, What to write about on your real estate blog, I promised an article on blogging time management.

That article is 90% complete. But as I was writing it, I got to thinking (uh oh).

There are tons of tools out there that help make blogging more efficient. Do a Google search and you’ll find them.

But that’s not the point in this article. The point here is to present you with the two best tools you can use for your real estate blogging adventure.


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Why Jay needs an iPad from


Seems is having a little contest to celebrate their first birthday…

Yup, they are giving away two iPads, and some other very cool prizes.

And I *need* an iPad. Not want, need…

Why does Jay need to win an iPad from

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